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WooCommerce Learning Management System

WooCommerce Learning Management System. The upsurge in digitization has bought a drastic change even in traditional educational practices. The times when everything was executed without the internet, especially education has dissipated and has gone online. As a result, LMS or Learning Management System has come into existence which brings the trainers and learners together to be a part of the knowledge sharing process.

Woo Commerce Learning Management System allows a new product type, namely Course Product. It facilitates the admin to create multiple trending online courses and creates a common platform where both the aspirants and trainers can gain and impart knowledge, respectively. For these courses, the admin can create multiple content sections and add new content, such as videos or pdf files under Content and Assignment, respectively.

The main focus is to provide the customers with a common arena where they can look for trending online courses and befit from the same.

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