What is Solid-State Drive (SSD)? Know which is better HDD and SSD?

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Mostly we use Hard Disk (HDD) as a storage device to store our files and other types of data in computers and laptops. But for the last few years, Solid State Drive is taking their place. Computer experts also ask you to choose SSD instead of HDD for better performance.

In this post we will tell you what is SSD? Also, know which one is better in these two storages? But first of all what is a Solid State Drive (SSD)? Understand it well.

What is SSD?

SSD stands for “Solid State Drive”. It is a type of secondary storage device that can permanently store large amounts of data, similar to HDDs. But SSD does not have any mechanical parts like HDD whereas semiconductor chips are used to store data in them. That is to say that like HDDs, there are no Spinning Disks and Mechanical Arm etc. to read / write data.

Since a type of Flash Memory (NAND Chip) is used to store and receive data in Solid-State Drive. For this reason, SSDs are faster than traditional hard disk drives and use less power.

If HDD takes 40 seconds to boot-up the computer, then SSD can do the same work in just 10 seconds. Although its cost is much higher than that of an HDD. This is the reason that even today most of the computers use hard disk as a storage device.

Advantages and disadvantages of having SSD in computer

By now you must have known one thing that SSD is better in terms of performance. So let’s know what are the advantages and disadvantages of having Solid-State Drive instead of Hard Disk in computer.


Since SSDs use electrical circuits instead of mechanical parts, their data access speed is in microseconds. Which makes them many times faster memory than HDDs. That is, if SSD is present as secondary storage in your computer, then whenever you start the computer or open any software, then it will not take any time to do so.

Power Consumption

Due to the absence of any mechanical moving parts, SSDs consume very little power. Due to which your electricity bill can be cut a bit. Apart from this, you will see that laptops which have Solid State Drive provide very good battery life.

Reliable & Durable

SSDs are generally stronger and more durable than HDDs. If ever the laptop suddenly falls from you, in such a situation, SSDs do not suffer that much damage and your data remains safe. Whereas due to mechanical parts being attached to the hard disk, they are more likely to break or get damaged.

Storage Capacity

If you need more storage to store data, then at present you will not see Solid-State Drive with high storage capacity. The SSDs available in the market today have storage capacities – 128 GB and 256 GB. But if you need more storage to store your files and other types of data, then you should use hard drive or any external storage.


Hard disks are still used in most desktops and laptops because they are cheap. While the cost of Solid State Drive is much more (expensive) than this, which is a big disadvantage of it. Generally, the price of a 512 GB SSD can go up to ₹ 6,000. In contrast, a 1TB HDD will easily cost you ₹3,500.

Less Noise

Since it is a non-mechanical storage device, the solid-state drive does not generate any kind of noise. Often you must have seen that computers generate a lot of noise while running, that is because hard disk is present in them. Its mechanical parts generate a lot of noise while storing and receiving data. In the same SSD, on the contrary, only the memory chip is used. That’s why she works without making a sound.

How to know whether computer has SSD or HDD?

After knowing the meaning of Solid-State Drive, if you want to see whether your computer has an installed secondary storage device, SSD or HDD, then see the method given below for that.

To know the type of drive present in the computer or laptop:-

1. Press the Window + R Key simultaneously on the keyboard. The Run box window will open on the screen.

2. Here on the search bar, type “dfrgui” and press enter.

3. Now the Disk Defragmenter window will open on the screen. Look for whether your drive is a Solid-State Drive or Hard Disk in the Media Type column.

in short

So what is a Solid State Drive (SSD)? It is a new technology storage device, which is slowly replacing the old hard disk drive in computers. SSD is better than HDD in many ways, which we have explained in detail above. Hope, you must have got to learn a lot related to this by reading the post. Comment below with your questions or suggestions.

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