Twitter has now fixed the disappearing tweets problem

Twitter launched that it had launched a patch for its iOS app to revive the problem of the disappearing tweets that almost all shoppers have been dealing with. Beforehand, tweets would randomly disappear when scrolling by way of the stream whereas shoppers paused to be taught them. Any longer, tweets ought to protect in place.

The patch for the iOS app for smartphones was made accessible on 15 November, and now shoppers of iPads and utterly completely different units could even trade the app and keep away from the issue.

Why have been tweets disappearing?

Primarily based totally on a Twitter spokesperson, the tweets disappeared on account of Twitter’s new replies to the conversations. These modifications launched on an error, and consequently, the tweets disappeared randomly.

“Now, when you occur to cease scrolling your timeline to try a tweet, it ought to cease!” the corporate tweeted.

Why were tweets disappearing?

Is the Twitter Android App dealing with the equal matter?

Sure, the issue with disappearing tweets exists in Twitter’s Android app and is being encountered by smartphones, tablets, and utterly completely different units. The corporate has not revealed when it’ll deploy the patches for the Android model of the app.

Why were tweets disappearing?

Twitter is entering into the e-commerce market by providing individuals an expertise to purchase units all by preserve broadcasts. Walmart and Jason Derulo will host the primary occasion to preview this attribute. Of us will probably be succesful to purchase units whereas Walmart hosts the Livestream and introduces its new merchandise.

This new attribute makes it simpler for individuals to purchase an merchandise after trying out what it appears to be like like in exact life. Keep tuned for additional on what we take into consideration the mannequin new Twitter updates.

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