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Tele-Legal guidelines Service

Tele-law: Steps to Licensed Recommendation

  • PLV meets beneficiaries Pre-register Case.
  • Affirmation Of Scheduled date/time.
  • Beneficiary Visits CSC Frequent Service Heart.
  • Licensed Recommendation rendered by Panel Lawyer.
  •  Beneficiary Served.

Tele-Law Service

Residents Eligible For Free Licensed Assist

  • Lady
  • Youngsters (Beneath 18 Years Of age)
  • SC/ST
  • Victims Of Trafficking
  • Mentally unwell and Divyang
  • Victims Of Pure Catastrophe/Ethnic Violence
  • Staff in unorganized Sector
  • Of us with low Earnings teams (Earnings as Specified by State)
  • Underneath trials/ in Custody

Uncover: CSC SPV to reimburse रु 30/- to Vles For registering Circumstances For Residents eligible for Free accepted help.


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