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Supplier Management module v2.3.4 for Perfex CRM

Supplier Management module v2.3.4 for Perfex CRM. Supplier relationship management is the discipline of strategically planning for, and managing, all interactions with third party organizations that supply goods and/or services to an organization the objective of SM is to maximize the value of those interactions. Know your supply chain, know your risk, build relationships and partners to conduct business transactions. Use SM module to build a list of suppliers all in Perfex.

  • Stay on top of business and manage your supplier’s relationships, all from Perfex CRM.
  • Assign suppliers to specific staffs of your team and let them manage the relationship.
  • Allow suppliers to collaborator in the supplier portal
  • Make notes, statements, invoices, Credit note, estimate, tickets, contracts, projects, task

Note before you purchase this module:

Supplier are saved in the customer list, this is because the way perfex is designed it saves all contacts in the customer table, so you will see suppliers and customers mixed, if this is not a problem for you can purchase the module. But you will notice that in the demo, we dont have a solution for that now, because if we separate the suppliers, suppliers will not be able to use the supplier area.

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