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Perfex CRM v1.0 Flat admin theme

Note: This is not a standalone script. It is a backend theme (staff-admin area) for Perfex CRM.

Perfex CRM - Flat admin theme - 2
Perfex CRM - Flat admin theme - 1

Brief description

Flat admin theme v1.0 for Perfex CRM, redesigns the backend’s experience by adding flat aesthetics at your staff’s interface.

Demo website

Perfex CRM - Flat admin theme - 3

What about clients area (frontend) theme?

Flat admin theme for Perfex CRM, is a standalone product and it affects admin area only.
We have developed Flat frontend theme for Perfex CRM aswell.

Backend and Frontend theme can work together with no issues at all. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to deactivate each theme separately.

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