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Mention and Tag for Perfex CRM v1.0.2

Info & Demo:

Mention and Tag┬áv1.0.2 for Perfex CRM help you create discussion or support topics, when using @ to mention someone or using # to mention tasks, projects, invoices, payments, supports, …
Please check out the uploaded screenshots, which demonstrates all visible parts of the module.

  1. @Mention
  2. Post topics that mention someone and relate to task, project, contract, invoice, payment, support, etc.

  3. Comments on topics, on comment can use @ to mention someone or # to mention task, project, invoice, payment, support, … Use # will also select Contact to discuss with the customer
  4. When someone is mentioned will receive a notification and an email.
  5. On the Client Portal, customers can discuss and use @mention.

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