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Laundry Services v1.0 Online laundry service android app

Laundry service portal v1.0 will allow user to give order online and admin can manage multiple shops and vendor.

Laundry management system. Laundry owner or vendor can manage there orders from there dashboard.

Laundry Services app source code free download


Admin can

  • Add / Edit / Delete services
  • Add Laundry owners
  • Add Laundry shop
  • Advertisement management
  • All user listing
  • Add Product
  • Offer management
  • Chat or conversation
  • Order management
  • Currency management
  • Overview of APIs section
  • Subscription for Laundry Owner
  • Razor Pay payment gateway
  • Notification center

Laundry Owner or Shop Owner Can

  • Add / Edit / Delete Shop
  • Add / Edit / Delete Product
  • Offer management
  • Chat or conversation
  • Subscription for Laundry Owner
  • RazorPay payment gateway
  • Order management

Customer app

  • Email authentication login
  • Signup
  • Fancy home screen for search near by registered laundry
  • Search on map view
  • Cart management for order
  • Order history
  • Cash on delivery(COD)
  • Material Design UI / UX of mobile app
  • Order Tracking

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