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Kachi Movie is directed by Binshad Nazar. This could be a film a few daring riot led by a female army made up of a 68-year-old grandmother and a 7-year-old granddaughter who’re combating to avoid wasting plenty of their lives.

Kachi Malayalam Official Trailer | Binu Pappu | Manohari Amma | Sreshta | Binshad Nazar |Paul P John


  • Binu PappuManohari Amma
  • Sreshta

Directed By

Binshad Nazar

Produced By

Paul P John


Devan Subramanyam


Siraj Reza


Basodh T Baburaj

Aardramee Nenjile Tune

Watch the video for the tune “Aardramee Nenjile” from the Malayalam film “Kachi.” Syam Lal sings the tune ‘Aardramee Nenjile,’ and Siraj Reza composed the score.

Aardramee Nenjile Video Tune | Malayalam Movie | Binshad Nazar | Syam Lal | Siraj Reza

Ajeesh Dasan wrote the lyrics for the ‘Kachi’ album ‘Aardramee Nenjile.’ Watch the video to check further in regards to the tune ‘Aardramee Nenjile’ from the film ‘Kachi.’

The debut director of the movie says “This could be a matter that has not been tried in Malayalam cinema,” .

Plot of the Movie

Kachi Malayalam movie

It’s a woman-centered suspense and survival story , and it’s about an aged lady who’s 68 years earlier. She portrays a sturdy lady who’s accompanied solely by her granddaughter. The film moreover contains a lesson about how one can deal with a harmful state of affairs in our personal residence.”

Kachi Star Stable

Binu Pappan, Sinoj Varghese of the Angamali Diaries, and Shreshta, who performs the granddaughter, moreover star throughout the film. The movie was shot in Alappuzha. The phrase “kachi” means “straw,” and it performs an mandatory operate throughout the film.


The movie choices three songs, two of which might be sung by Sithara Krishnakumar, with music by Siraj Reza and lyrics by Rafeeq Ahamed and Ajeesh Dasan.

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