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Janu v1.0 Dating App with Live Streaming One to One Video Call

Janu v1.0 is an app template for Dating Apps with amazing features like Video Calls, Live Streams and Fake Chatting, in-app purchases and many more Anyone can create their own beautiful app within couple of hours with no programming knowledge.

Janu app features:

  • Splash Screen
  • Elegant and unique UI of all time
  • Social sign in options
  • Fina matches
  • Admob + Facebook audience network integrated
  • Beautifully designed native ads
  • Real calling feel
  • Calls by paying coins
  • In-app purchase to purchase coins
  • Send stickers while calling and enjoying streaming
  • Automatic incominf calls
  • Fake chat text
  • Beautiful profile page
  • Offer packages of coins
  • Push Notifications
  • Automatic sending random messages
  • Chat supports texts, voices, imagesAnd lot more….

Janu Admin features:

  • Dashboard
  • Add countries
  • Add media to the countries
  • Add Fake comments
  • Create fake chat profiles
  • Create fake chat messages
  • Add Gift categories and Gifts
  • Add coinpackages
  • Add offer coin packages
  • Manage app settings: (Privacy policy URL, More apps URL, Terms of use URL)
  • Manage Ad network IDs (Android & iOS)And lot more…

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