How to Get .com domain at 1$/Year

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How to Get .com domain at 1$/Year

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Your  domain name is more than your online address—it’s your online identity and the public face of your brand.

A creative, memorable name plays an important part in drawing visitors to your site, but a dull, generic one can also drive them away. Picking the best domain name for your personal or business presence online is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and getting it right can be a challenge. Keeping your brand in mind and thinking like a visitor can help you find the domain name that perfectly represents your online self.

Choose the best extension like .comThe extension, the part of your domain name after the “dot” that designates a top level domain, can also help or hurt your name. The most recognizable extension in the world is still .com, even though many more are now available, and because of its familiarity and association with commerce and reliability, .com remains the best choice in most cases.  If .com is not available, consider other neutral extensions such as .net or .info