How to Create a Blog from Mobile? Easy Way to Create and Publish a Blog

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How to Create a Blog from Mobile? In this world of today, we often hear about news blogs or celebrity blog sites which provide different types of information through blogs in those websites. A blogger is one who often writes from a personal perspective so that he can connect with his readers. In addition, most blogs also have a “comment” section where readers can connect with the blogger and give them their suggestions.

Today many people are earning well by making their own blog and this is also a good way to earn money. Many people also do Mobile Blogging. With this you can also become a good blogger. Today’s post we have brought for those who want to make a career in blogging by creating a mobile blog. In this, you will be given information about what is blogging, how to do blogging, how to create a blog and how to do blogging from mobile.

Blogging is very easy by creating a blog on mobile and there are many Best Mobile Blogging Platform on which you can create a blog. You will also get a lot of Mobile Blogging Sites for creating a blog. So let’s know how to start Blogging from mobile, through which your work will become easier.

How to Create a Blog from Mobile

There are other platforms on which to create a blog on mobile. But with the Mobile Blogging Platform mentioned above, you will be able to create a blog in a short time. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go To Browser And Search Blogger

To do Mobile Blogging, first of all, go to Browser and search Blogger in the search box. After this, a new page will open in front of you. In this, the first link of Blogger.Com you have to click on that link. After this, you click on Create A Blog or Sign In.

Step 2: Log In

You will have to log in with your Gmail ID and if you are already logged in, then you will be redirected to Blogger’s home page.

Step 3: Enter Email ID

Put your email in it. If you have forgotten your email ID, you can click on Forget Email. After this, click on the option of Next. Put your password in it and click on the next option.

Step 4: Create Blog

Now you have to follow the steps given below to create your blog.

Title – A new page will appear in front of you, in this you have to select the title of the site, that is, you have to enter the name of your blog.
Address – Enter your blog’s address in it.
Template – You have to select a nice template for your blog.
Create Blog – After this click on Create Blog.


Your blog has been created. You can see it by clicking on View Blog and write and share your post in it.

How to Publish a Blog from Mobile

You can also use the Chrome browser to publish a blog from mobile. But if you publish a blog through the app, then it will be easier for you. Next we will tell you the Best Mobile Blogging App with which you can publish a blog.

You can use the help of Blogger Android App to write the post in the correct format. Through this, text, Italic, Bold and URL can be added without editing HTML Code.

To publish the post with the help of this app, follow the steps given below.

Download And Install App – Download and install this app.

Open App – Now open the app. As soon as you open it, you will not have the option to log into it.

Create Mobile Blog – In this you have to write a direct post. The title, tags and description of the post will appear on the app’s home page.

Post Title – Enter the title of the post and start writing the post.

Add Image – You can add an image to a post by going to the menu of the app.

Add Link – Add Link

Write Post Tag – Write the tag of your post and publish the post.

Connect Account – When you are publishing a post for the first time, connect the account and allow it. After which the post will be published.

So with the help of this app you will be able to publish your post. This app is absolutely free.

Mobile Blogging App For Students

Next, you have been given some more Mobile Blogging Apps with the help of which you can publish your blog.

WordPress Official App

You can also publish a blog by logging into the WordPress application. The WordPress app is very easy to use. If you create a blog on WordPress, then you must use this app.

Blogger App

You can also publish posts through this app. This is also a good app for publishing posts. So download and install the app. After this, you publish all types of posts with the help of this app.


Through these apps, you will get a lot of help in creating and publishing blogs in mobile. This is a great way to create a blog from mobile. So create a great blog and publish your post with your mobile phone. So friends, how did you like to comment this post and if you liked the post, then like it, share it and stay connected with us for similar information, thank you ? .