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Doctor Care Diagnostic Center / Doctors Chamber Management System nulled

Doctor Care – Diagnostic Center / Doctors Chamber Management System nulled 10 March 21 update.

Ultimate solution for any kind of :

  1. Diagnostic Center
  2. Doctor’s Chamber
  3. General Hospital
  4. Dentist Chamber etc.
  5. Dental Clinic

New Features

  1. Paystack, SSL Commerz, Stripe, Paytm,, 2Checkout Payment Gateways
  2. Twilio, BulkSms, BdBulkSms sms Gateways
  3. Language edit option
  4. Table responsiveness in all device
  5. Server side tables for Appointment, Prescription and some other tables
  6. Auto Email and SMS template
  7. Prescription re-design.
  8. Newly added Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian Languages
  9. Popup patient history on click calendar appointments
  10. CodeIgniter 3.1.10
  11. Telehealth by Live Video consultation feature
  12. Fontawesome 5 and many more.
  13. Server side sorting for all the server side datatables in the system

All the Features

  1. Doctor Database
  2. Patient Database
  3. Prescription Management
  4. Appointment Management
  5. Live Video consultation between doctor and patient
  6. Human Resource Database
  7. Patient’s detail history
  8. Hospital Accounting
  9. Financial Reporting
  10. Invoicing
  11. Pharmacy Management
  12. Frontend Website
  13. Schedule Management for Doctors
  14. Payment Gateways
  15. Email Module
  16. Notice Module
  17. Template for Lab report creation
  18. 8 Types Of Login Access (Admin, Doctor, Patient, Nurse, Accountant, Pharmacist, Laboratorist, Receptionist)
  19. SMS Management
  20. Dynamic Language
  21. Multi Language (Arabic, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian)
  22. RTL Structure
  23. Big Data handling
  24. Easy Process to Translate Into any Language
  25. Patient Medical History
  26. Patient Medical Files Archive
  27. Prescription
  28. Patient Payment History
  29. User Activity Report
  30. Doctor’s Commission calculator for Diagnosis Reference
  31. Telemedicine By Video Conferencing

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