Diwali welcome page using (Html , Css, Javascript)

Create awesome diwali wishing with your own and source code also available to download

Diwali welcome page using  (Html , Css, Javascript)

This is not only JavaScript code. The major parts are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. I have used all of them as well as canvas.

The functionality of this script:

Fireworks with a variety of features which you can be controlled by changing the values of the variables in the main.js file and you can do lot more.

You can control the speed of the fireworks and radius and other properties as well.

You gonna have moving background stars which I have used earlier in 3D Photo/Image Gallery (on space) Using HTML5 CSS JS

Countdown of Diwali festival. ( Countdown to see how many days hours minutes and seconds left be held the festival )

Wishing text with the name of the visitor with a cool font.

Space for adding extra text or any HTML element. Even you can monetize with AdSense or other ad networks.

You can use this product as the Happy new year Script too.

works Only Desktop and high end mobile devices.

Customize this script as per your need.

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