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Dairy Products, Grocery, Daily Milk Delivery Mobile App with Subscription | Customer & Delivery App

Dairy ProductsGroceryDaily Milk Delivery Mobile App with Subscription | Customer & Delivery App The newest addition to this much-needed category is the milk delivery mobile app that enables users to access milk and other dairy products right at their doorstep. This Milk Milk Delivery System assists owners to manage the entire system which can include customer management, billing, product management and access to a full record with the administrator dashboard. Milk production and distribution is a long and long process. We’ve made it easy for everyone. We have analyzed every step from production to delivery, and developed our unique application of milk delivery solutions with creative UI / UX.
Subscription model
Different types of monthly subscriptions, such as subscriptions for those who only need milk, and different for those who order different dairy products, are a good feature. This will allow customers to set a recurring order while sitting down and enjoying the simple.

  • Source code for Android app
  • Delivery Boy App Source Code
  • Admin Panel PHP Script Source Code
  • Data file and installation document

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