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Hey guys and welcome to blog tip where i share tips about blogging and making money online. In today’s post i’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to choose a profitable niche for your blog. I know that the correct pronunciation is niche but there’s a saying out there that the riches are in the niches and it is so true and it doesn’t sound good if i were to say niche. So, anyway if you want to start a blog and you want to make money you need to find a profitable niche now i have a ton of profitable blog niche ideas that i want to share with you guys today, So go ahead.

There are three things i want you to know when it comes to choosing a niche the first thing is that you do not need to be an expert to write about something because i have a site about ways to make money from home but i had no idea how to make money from home at the time with kids. I just asked other people who did and i shared their stories on my website but if you want to have a site that gives tax advice or legal advice those are the type of circumstances that i would leave alone unless you are an expert in those areas.

The next tip is that research is everything by looking at other websites and reading their articles i was able to find holes in their articles and that gave me a competitive edge i knew that by going more in depth about how could make money online, i could clearly show why my website was better than the others doing enough research on whatever topic you want to write about should be done before you choose to write about something. You should be able to say that no one is doing it this way and that’s how you know you’ve got something good and valuable the next tip is to know that you’re not stuck writing only about that specific topic. You can also have subtopics like if you were to write about ways to make money online you could also have subtopics like budget debt extra income you know different kind of sub related ideas.

Even have holiday articles on website because i know those articles do well on Pinterest and during the holiday season guys want to get that extra traffic and make some more money so as long as you have a good foundation for your blog. You can still venture out a bit so don’t think that you’re stuck so when you’re thinking about which niche to pick think about a topic that you can’t stop thinking about or talking about think about what you’re passionate about or your life experiences. If you lost a loved one and you dealt with grief pretty well maybe you can help other people do the same you know think about your own life experiences and how you can help other people or think about things that you like to learn about whatever it is you want to have some type of interest in whatever niche you choose.

So, here is a list of profitable niche ideas now these are just some ideas that a lot of people are interested in and can be pretty profitable but do not take this as the only possible niches to choose from these. Also very broad niche ideas, So you see that i have home here home is very broad i mean like what does that even mean when you choose a niche you need to narrow it down where you are talking to a certain group of people. So, instead of just saying home you could narrow it down to diy home decor on a budget you see that is a very specific topic catering to a certain group of people. My niche is very narrow as well i talk about work not just work from home jobs it’s very i narrowed it down even more down to so a specific certain group of people. So, i know how to talk to these people okay so now if you think you have an idea about what you want to blog about you need to do some further vetting to make sure that this can be a profitable niche. The first thing that you want to do is to see if anyone is interested in what you’re talking about so i recommend using google you can use google to see if anyone is searching for what you want to write about. Now if there are no websites that talk about what you want to write about that’s a red flag that probably means that there is no audience for that niche or that niche doesn’t sell well online.

To find out who your competitors are you can do a google search for whatever you want to write about and those websites that show up in search results those are your competitors. You also want to have an idea of how you’re going to make money so look through your competitors articles and see if they have display banner ads so you can see if they’re making money through ads see if they’re writing about certain products or services with links. You can see if they’re making money with affiliate marketing. The next question is that you need to determine how you’re going to get traffic to your website so once you start to write your articles how are people going to see it how will people know about it you need to make sure that you have at least a general idea of how people can come to your website now for me i get most of my check from google and pinterest. I have tried tons of ways to get traffic to my website and these are the only two platforms that have been able to give me consistent massive traffic to my website and that is how i get over 200 000 page views per month on my website. So, hopefully now you have a good idea on what you want to blog about and how to make sure that it could be profitable.

Now if you guys have any questions please let me know in the comment section below and if you’re comfortable let me know what you want to blog about i’d love to hear from you guys and please visit again to my blog for tips on Niche. Alright, Thank you guys for reading and have a great day ? .

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