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66Analytics v3.1.0 Php script nulled

66Analytics Php script nulled Web analytics made easy. Self-hosted, friendly, all-in-one web analytics tool. Lightweight tracking, session replays, heatmaps, user journeys & more.


Simple, good looking & friendly

Most web analytics solutions do way too much when, in most cases, what you need is to glance over them and easily understand what is going on.Simple 5-min installation processEasy to understand & useModern & good looking.

Everything at just a glance

The dashboard contains all the details you will need to know how you traffic is looking and evolving.Evolution on the past 30 days (select the range yourself)Top pagescountriesreferrersAll about UTM’sto know where which campaign is the most effectiveSimple & custom Goals trackingOther visitors details such as: Devices, OS, Browsers..etc

Understand your visitors

Evaluating your visitors behaviour and repeated actions is the best way to know what is working and what is not going so well.View and get details of all the visitorsAnalyze all their past sessionsincluding the flow of the visited pages and their actionsIdentify your visitorsBy connecting your logged in users from your app, to the tracking system by any identifier

Session replays

Session replays are the most convenient way to easily check what a visitor did and his journey throughout the site.Pros: High quality replays, the best way to visually see everything a visitor didCons: Can be heavy on the server
Due to a high amount of data that needs to be saved in order to provide the replay.

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